Indoor Family Lifestyle Photography | Carlton North | Melbourne

Winter is approaching as temperatures fall below 10°c in Melbourne, Australia. Days are shorter than nights and most leaves are now on the ground with tree branches bare. Families are keeping warm inside their homes as they make memories of their own. The photographer’s job does not stop. I move indoors to document these moments that are to be remembered.

I join a family in their home in Carlton North, Melbourne to document their lifestyle. Their two young boys are very energetic. On the living room carpet, the parents are sitting, talking and laughing as their boys run around them in circles. There are great moments here. Especially when their father moves to the sofa and the boys try to wrestle him.

Soon they get tired. They sit down with their parents. Jokes and stories are told. There’s laughter and love in this home. Their pet dog also joins us for a few minutes.

We move to the children’s bedroom upstairs. In the centre of the room are several Lego pieces scattered around on the carpet. It’s play time! The boys (and parents) start building and creating while they chat. This is a relaxed and natural environment, perfect for in-home documentation.

We are now approaching the end of the indoor photoshoot as we head to their lovely little backyard downstairs. Having full attention during the session has made the children very happy and funny.

This beautiful family have now got a nice collection of in-home session photos that tell their unique story at this stage in their lives.

The home they lived in during their boys’ early years has been documented for them and they can look back and re-live the memories through the photographs.

How about your home life? Would you like it documented in this natural way?

Feel free to get in touch with me, your lifestyle photographer.

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