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Hi there!

I’m happy you’re here! My name is Liyat, pronounced Lee-yat. It means “Let me see her” in Amharic – the main language spoken in Ethiopia.

So you must be wondering what a lifestyle and family photographer does that’s different from other types of photographers? Let me give you a short example. Say you’re at a family photoshoot and your photographer is documenting you with your partner and children in your favourite park or environment as you connect, interact and play. You are not pressured to look at the camera and smile the whole session. You feel natural and forget you’re even at a photography session. Well, this is exactly how I create fun, heart-warming images that are natural and have a relaxed feel to them for families.

Like this one…

Fun Portrait of mother carrying her daughter created by family photographer Liyat G Haile Photography in Melbourne, Australia

…and this one…

Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photography happy hugging and lying on picnic blanket created by family photographer Liyat G Haile Photography

My photography session is an experience. A fun one at that.

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