The Photographer

Hi there, I’m Liyat!

As a young girl, I remember sitting by my parents’ bookshelf at home in Ethiopia browsing through photo albums of families, weddings, births, travels and friendships. My passion for photography was born there.

Today, I’m a lifestyle and family photographer living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Capturing natural interactions and connections is what my photography is about. 10 years ago, if you told me I’d be a photographer, I would’ve found it quite surprising. With a Masters degree in E-commerce, I was working full-time as an IT contractor in public office. I only took photographs on holidays.

From 2010 onwards, I found myself being pulled by photography. I looked up at the clouds and wanted to capture their formation. While walking around Melbourne streets, I began to capture graffiti walls, people walking and talking, and all kinds of objects from vintage mailboxes to cars. I realised I enjoyed being creative with photography more than IT, and so began my thirst for knowledge in the industry. I read books and watched educational tutorials online to improve my technical skills. I mastered my DSLR camera, which was gifted to me by my dear parents. I started editing and enhancing my photos in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Basically, my DSLR and Macbook became my best friends.

By 2013, I had turned into an avid photography-enthusiast posting my shots on different sites, which resulted in my photos being featured online and published in a newsletter. In 2017, an opportunity to showcase my documentary work was presented to me and I went for it! The exhibition, which took place in Melbourne was inspirational not only to myself, but to others as well. Read more about it here.

When my camera is packed away, I enjoy making music, dancing, reading books, watching movies and shows with my husband and my two little boys.

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“Liyat is a fantastic family photographer! We have rarely felt relaxed around photographers, but Liyat put us completely at ease and took some beautiful, natural portraits. They capture us as individuals and are a wonderful record of family dynamics too. Thanks so much, Liyat.” – James Isaac

“First class, efficient and professional in all that Liyat does. I was really thrilled with the mood that Liyat directed and captured on the models. She is very easy and amenable to work with, well-organised, communicates clearly and succinctly, understood the brief and she was efficient with her time. I highly recommend Liyat – excellent value for money and I will definitely use her again and I recommend her. Thanking you for creating the first of many more opportunities, Liyat.” – Kati Ezard

“From the instant I got in touch, to receiving the final copies, Liyat was absolutely professional, excellent communication and very timely.” – Akua Larbi

“We recently used Liyat and her wonderful skills to capture photos during a full day school fete. Not only did she deliver some incredible shots from the day, but she was a dream to deal with. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, friendly and adaptable photographer.” – Sarah Kelk