• In 2017, Liyat exhibited her photo series Timket Celebration: Street Procession at Afro Hub in Melbourne.
  • In 2013, Liyat participated in an Instagram photo challenge run by “Spark! The Future”, a creative fundraising event. 2 of the photographs below were selected for the exhibition at the m2 gallery in Surry Hills, Sydney.


  • In January 2018, Sovereign Hill’s Instagram page featured Liyat’s photo of a Victorian lady

Victorian Lady

  • In 2016, Twenty20.com added one of Liyat’s landscape photos to their Signature Collection. The photo was shot with an iPhone 3GS hence the low resolution.


  • In 2013, Twenty20.com selected one of Liyat’s street photos as a feature on their front page.


  • In 2013, the Australia.com facebook page featured one of Liyat’s nature photos.


  • In 2012, the winter edition of 3002News Magazine used Liyat’s photograph as the cover: see it here. She was also featured in the magazine as the winner of the Autumn photo contest.
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