Family Photography: Love at Home

Melbourne’s diverse weather can often be unpredictable, making indoor photography a great choice to ensure a relaxed family photography session. For this reason, indoor family lifestyle photography has always held a special place in my heart. This genre allows me to capture the true essence of a family’s daily life in the comfort of their own home. When families simply want to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, indoor lifestyle photography is the answer!

A lifestyle photography session with a Melbourne family in their home. A mother and a father with sitting on their living room floor casually interacting with their son and newborn baby girl. Photograph by Liyat Haile.

Furthermore, the most enchanting aspects of indoor family photography is the unique, genuine moments it captures. In the familiar setting of their home, families feel at ease, allowing for their authentic personalities to shine through. Meanwhile, I find myself privileged to witness and preserve these precious, candid moments – from a mother’s tender interaction with her newborn to the shared love of Lego between father and son. As a result, the images reflect the warmth and character of each family, which tells a story.

Once the rain subsides, families often choose to incorporate their backyards as an additional location for their family photography session. These outdoor spaces become an extension of their homes and provide an entirely different canvas for capturing wonderful moments. Backyards bring a touch of nature to the photoshoot, lending a fresh, vibrant backdrop. Outdoor moments create a delightful contrast to the indoor scenes, adding depth and variety to the family’s photo story.

A lifestyle photography session with a Melbourne family in their backyard. A father holding and looking at his son who is holding Lego. A mother holding her newborn baby girl looking in the direction of her son. Family Photography by Liyat Haile.

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