My 2017 Photography Exhibition

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to showcase my Timket Celebration: Street Procession photographs to a group of friends and the general public at Afro Hub’s Oh Snap! Gallery Exhibition.

Friends and children
With wonderful friends and children at the exhibition

I have always enjoyed telling people about the place I hail from, and this past weekend was a dream. Presenting the beautiful colours, the people, the tradition and culture of Ethiopia through my photos was very exciting!

Exhibition Visitors

Visitors showed a lot of interest in the photos I had on display and even went further to purchasing mounts and prints. A number of people mentioned that they learnt something new about Ethiopia, which to me is such great news!

I had a guestbook to capture thoughts and one visitor wrote,

“Your work is truly amazing, like you are honestly inspiring me.”

Another entry in my guestbook read,

“…you are truly skilled at capturing a divine moment in time.”

Exhibition Visitors

Thank you so much to all those that came and showed their support!

With my first SOLD photo at the exhibition!

I am inspired to keep traveling on this path. I have so much to share and there will definitely be more exhibitions in the future. This is just the beginning.

– Liyat G. Haile

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