Healesville Serenity

A few weeks ago, we decided to head to Healesville, Victoria as part of our son’s birthday celebration. The drive was only an hour out of Melbourne which suited us. Road trips with little ones are best short. You probably know what I mean if you have small children.

We stayed one night at the RACV country club hotel surrounded by nature. Waking up in the early Spring morning, an incredible scene unfolded outside of our room. Misty and mysterious! It looked like a scene out of a movie!

Misty Healesville Photographic Print (available upon request)

Once the sun filled the day with light, I was blown away with what was revealed! I must’ve pressed my shutter button at least twenty plus times capturing the mountains, the trees, the lake and the overall landscape. As you may know, I love nature photography and this was a dream.

I couldn’t stop myself from walking down to take a closer look at that reflective lake.

To top it off, I found this cute duck enjoying the serene sounds and beautiful scenery by the water. I thought to myself, it’s not just human beings that appreciate nature.

One night is definitely not enough for this gorgeous place. We promised ourselves that we’d go back for a bit longer next time.

Have you visited Healesville, Victoria before? If not, go ahead and add it to your “list”.

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